2 Hour Business Booster

Business booster buttonYou’ve got a good business, but you know that you are not maximising what you can achieve.

You’re waning, the fire in your belly for your business, is now mere embers and you need to fan the flames to achieve what you set out to do.

You want to make this year count, want it to be prosperous for you and your business, but you are just not sure where to start

You just need someone to speak to about your business, someone who can help you bounce ideas and find some direction.

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Running your own business can be challenging and lonely, sometimes you just need someone else to help you see the wood for the trees. But where do you start and who can help you?

The Business Booster is an opportunity to give your business a boost with a business coaching session that includes:

  • Business Brainstorming
  • Goal Setting
  • Removing the blocks
  • Discovering revenue streams
  • Eradicating fears
  • Charge your value
  • Rebuild your confidence in your business
  • Birds Eye View of Your Business
  • Setting and challenging targets
  • Accountability
  • The opportunity to be challenged and championed

This creates a focus on your business that you can work on to achieve more.  I will challenge and champion you get your business in order. You will go away invigorated and will be able to see just what you bring to your business and what your business can do for you, more so how you can do it all!

“I’ve worked7 with lots of business owners to reinvigorate them and their business, I’ll help you find more clarity and more money in your business and give you that booster you need to get you moving closer to your goals. Two hours of intense support that makes all of the difference. With a background in sales and running businesses, I know what you need to really get yourself moving. Sometimes, it’s just someone letting you know that you can do and that your business has legs. That is exactly where I come in.”


The 2-Hour Business booster is £300.00 + VAT and is a great way to give your business the push its needs.

Contact me to book your free introductory consulting session now, to find out more and see how we can work together:


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