Hiding Keeps You Stuck

I know, right, some days you just want to close your laptop, turn everything off and stay in your pyjamas. It might be that you keep your laptop on but spend time fiddling in the background surfing, also known as lurking!, where no one can see you. You’ve avoided the networking event that you were[…]

Success Is Found In The Mundane

We are bombarded with stories about success. Millionaires who have made the holy grail, entrepreneurs journeys to success. Fake it till you make it. Just go for it and tomorrow you’ll be a successful business person with money flowing from your pockets.Just set up a business today and you will be successful tomorrow.   I[…]

Brainstorming for Results

Brainstorming for Results We get so many ideas about what we can do and how we can do it can be difficult to work out what needs to be done first or what you, even want to do. Multi-tasking is overrated and often leaves you achieving less than if you would have just focused on one[…]

It’s Not How You Start It’s How You Finish

So, 2018 has trundled in and my plans to kicks its ass from day one have been thwarted at every turn. Whilst I had a great New Year’s Eve I’ve been ill since 30th December. This new strain of flu has become attached to me and doesn’t seem to be willing to leave anytime soon.[…]

Finding Your Happiness – By You

What a world we live in. We are being sold to daily, and what we are sold is the concept that THINGS make us happy and we can’t be happy without them. Whether it’s a car, washing powder, a new kitchen, software or anything else. We are told that if we buy these things that[…]

New Year…. New?

It’s that time of year again. The New Year is fast approaching and the memes and quotes are all about New Year, New You – Put 2017 behind you and create outrageous goals for 2017. I know it because I’ve put some of those messages out there myself. I get notes from the universe every[…]

Tackling Imposter Syndrome as a New Manager

You’ve made it! You got the promotion, they promoted you and have praised your work. Some of your colleagues are happy for you and others just a little jealous, but in general, they are pleased and so are you at the success that you have created for yourself. You know that they are expecting some[…]

Be Your Own Hero

My personal favourite message. I think I’ve most probably posted this on social media the most. I have to keep reminding others and myself. Stop expecting other people to save you, stop expecting a cheque through the door, stop hoping that someone else will make it all right for you. You are gifted talented and[…]

You Choose

As I get older my understanding of the power of choice is much increased. I look back over my life and can see so many times when I had a choice and didn’t actually believe that I had one. Yet I did, every time all the time. It’s been amazing to see how when I[…]