Finding Your Happiness – By You

What a world we live in. We are being sold to daily, and what we are sold is the concept that THINGS make us happy and we can’t be happy without them. Whether it’s a car, washing powder, a new kitchen, software or anything else. We are told that if we buy these things that[…]

New Year…. New?

It’s that time of year again. The New Year is fast approaching and the memes and quotes are all about New Year, New You – Put 2017 behind you and create outrageous goals for 2017. I know it because I’ve put some of those messages out there myself. I get notes from the universe every[…]

47 & Counting – Changing Focus

This has been a really challenging year in so many ways; the death of my mother and my husband’s aunt, health, and business, managing loss and getting to grips with so many political, racial and social changes. So far this year has been a lot! Today, however, is my 47th Birthday and for the first time[…]

2015 in Review and Looking forward to 2016

It has been a very interesting 2015, I definitely can say that I learned lots and achieved much of what I set out to achieve. For me this last year has been about awakening, I spent a lot of time learning about the Law of Attraction and developing my mind-set for success. I read a[…]

3 Ways Simple Ways To Get Your Game On

Often the obvious answer is the answer. We try and make our lives so difficult when they really don’t have to be. Today I’m focusing on three ways to get your game on, three things that you can do to move from living your life in your head to living your life out loud. Simply,[…]