Hiding Keeps You Stuck

I know, right, some days you just want to close your laptop, turn everything off and stay in your pyjamas. It might be that you keep your laptop on but spend time fiddling in the background surfing, also known as lurking!, where no one can see you. You’ve avoided the networking event that you were[…]

Success Is Found In The Mundane

We are bombarded with stories about success. Millionaires who have made the holy grail, entrepreneurs journeys to success. Fake it till you make it. Just go for it and tomorrow you’ll be a successful business person with money flowing from your pockets.Just set up a business today and you will be successful tomorrow.   I[…]

Brainstorming for Results

Brainstorming for Results We get so many ideas about what we can do and how we can do it can be difficult to work out what needs to be done first or what you, even want to do. Multi-tasking is overrated and often leaves you achieving less than if you would have just focused on one[…]

Tackling Imposter Syndrome as a New Manager

You’ve made it! You got the promotion, they promoted you and have praised your work. Some of your colleagues are happy for you and others just a little jealous, but in general, they are pleased and so are you at the success that you have created for yourself. You know that they are expecting some[…]

Because You Can

Believe me, I’ve wasted far too many hours questioning myself and playing the second guessing game. I’ve questioned my validity, my skill set, my confidence, my believability, the experience that I’ve gained over decades, the learning, whether through formal education or self-development. I’m a pretty confident person, but I’ve learned that confidence is not just[…]

Handling School Holidays & Business

Each school holiday brings a range of issues for those of us who have children and run their own business. Especially when your children are young it can be a real challenge to sort out child care and juggle work and home. In the modern world, the raising of children doesn’t get the kudos it[…]