Executive Consulting

It’s challenging running a team or department and not having anyone to speak to regarding your own personal challenges or departmental issues. Everyone needs somewhere to go and someone to talk to but who do you speak to when you are the person that everyone is looking to.

Executive consulting is for leaders who need space away from their staff to disrupt their thinking and bounce ideas with someone outside of the organisation. Often leaders like you have no one to speak to about the challenges that they are facing in their role and the responsibilities that come with running a team or department/s. You are capable and committed but sometimes you need an outside mind to discuss challenges, make sense of your thoughts and to craft a plan with.

This one to one consulting provides the support and the space to do this. Sessions are guided by the situation that is being you are navigating at the time and are completely focused on your needs.


  • Support to discuss and review departmental challenges
  • Support to plan team development and areas for training
  • Support to develop ideas and ideologies that will positively impact the department
  • One to one coaching/consulting
  • Strategy development and creation

You will leave feeling clearer, more confident and with a plan in place to move towards achieving your strategic aims.

This programme can also be used for senior leadership teams who want to look at how they can move their departments effectively.


  • One to One or Group Consultancy
  • Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring


2 hours one to one or a half day or full day for group sessions

No of Participants

1 – 10

No of Sessions

To be agreed

Ready to take you and your team up a level? Get in contact today and book your sessions with me.



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