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Madeline McQueen is an outstanding speaker and host who has the ability to empower and encourage her audiences to be their very best. Pulling from her struggles, breakthroughs, and successes from her own journey, she helps others to gain clarity on their business and professional direction, building confidence and value from within.


Her straight-forward, no-nonsense speaking style is seasoned with vivacity, humour and humility as she takes her audiences on a journey that seeks to challenge them to look at where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there through courage and wonder.

She creates energy in the room when hosting so that the event is seamless and engaging, keeping audiences in their seats.

Madeline’s background is in sales and customer service; however, over the last 15 year’s she has been on a personal journey that has developed her skills and talents in areas such as; brainstorming, confidence building, personal empowerment and business growth.

She an amazing, empowering disruptor who works with leaders and emerging leaders to help them build their confidence so that they can access their GREATNESS and fly.

She is passionate about helping those she works with discover their clarity, their confidence and their empowerment so that they can achieve the success that they are destined to achieve.

She also shares her tips on sales, owning your value and closing sales. Madeline wrote her book “Close That Sale – 7 Steps To Close the Sale & Make More Money to help coaches, consultants, freelancers, speaker’s, trainers and customer focused frontline staff on mastering the essential business skill of closing sales.

Madeline can help build energy in your event and positively impact your audience as your:

Keynote Speaker 

Providing motivational, impactful talks that get your audience to think differently and take action.


Birthing A Great Leader

Modern leadership trends have left out every man. Leadership isn’t a buzz word, it’s what each person requires in order to coexist with others because each of us has to lead ourselves before we can lead them.

Your leadership story defines you and the impact that you make on those you work with and the organisation at large. When you are clear about who you are, where you are going and the impact that you want to make, you can truly step into your greatness and fly. Too often leaders and emerging leaders are second guessing what they have to offer and are not sure how to access their greatness. This speech shows them how.

In this speech, Madeline McQueen highlights, what makes a GREAT leader and focuses first and foremost on how to lead yourself to achieve greater personal and organisational success.

Close That Sale – 7 Steps to Close the Sale & Make More Money

You’ve done it before. You’re talking to a potential customer; it’s going really well; you’re having a great conversation. You get to the end of the conversation and it is time to ask for the sale. You get nervous. You cop out. The sale is lost.

If you are customer facing and have a fear of closing the sale, then, it’s highly likely that you are not achieving the sales revenue that you are capable of, you must get comfortable with asking for the sale.

The truth is if you are in business then you are in sales. Period.

In this speech, Madeline McQueen provides a 7-step process for closing sales. It walks you through the questions to ask and the things to say so that you can, more confidently, ask your potential client for the sale.

When you close more sales, you make more money, make more money and you can live your dreams. Without revenue generation, you don’t have a business, you need to close sales to earn an income and make a profit. Every time you don’t ask for the sale you leave money on the table. The client is going to spend it with someone… why not you?

21st Century Customer Service

Technology and customer expectations are changing at an unprecedented rate this change is constant and continual. Because of this, customers want more, they want it personalised and they want it quicker.

The machine never stops but, you, as the people behind the machine have to stop and take a moment to consider how you can effectively manage this so that your customers are never left behind and feel fully satisfied.

Customers are not just external they are also internal and both types want a person to person experience that takes into consideration their needs, their wants and their challenges.

In an environment where change is continuous, interdependence is key and dissatisfaction on some level is inevitable how do you attain great customer service in the 21st century?

Madeline McQueen explores these concepts in this speech and disrupts the status quo.

On Being Me

Taking her audience on the journey of her life thus far, Madeline shares the learnings and skills that she has acquired through her varied experiences, whilst challenging each person to celebrate their own journey so that they can achieve a greater level of success now.

Each of us is on a journey and the learning we gain and how we relate to it impacts every aspect of our lives and the levels of success we achieve. When we become comfortable and clear about who we are and how the journey we have experienced thus far has shaped us, we are then able to truly step out of our comfort zone to be more.

Why your Business Story Matters

Everyone in business has a business story and audiences engage with stories far more than they engage with facts and figures. When you are clear about your business story it becomes much easier to share it with others and use it to capture the interests of potential clients, partners, employees and employers.

Do you own your own value? Do you believe in what you offer? Are you clear about how your business story can impact others? If not, let Madeline show you why your business story matters and how you can use it.

Panel Monitor

Ensuring that your panel discussion and audience questions are interesting, provocative and effective.

Conference/Event Host 
Creating a warm, fun and informative thread through your event to ensuring that your audience has a great experience.

“Dear Madeline, You made Craft Conference rock. 🙂 Without you, it would have been less passionate and entertaining.” Medea Baccifava, Conference Organiser – Prezi

 Thank you for being such a wonderful emcee
Replying to  You were so awesome on Craft! Love your voice and personality! 🙂

If you are looking for a professional to engage and energise your audience then you’ve landed in the right place.



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