Hiding Keeps You Stuck

I know, right, some days you just want to close your laptop, turn everything off and stay in your pyjamas. It might be that you keep your laptop on but spend time fiddling in the background surfing, also known as lurking!, where no one can see you. You’ve avoided the networking event that you were[…]

Finding Your Happiness – By You

What a world we live in. We are being sold to daily, and what we are sold is the concept that THINGS make us happy and we can’t be happy without them. Whether it’s a car, washing powder, a new kitchen, software or anything else. We are told that if we buy these things that[…]

Change your thoughts Change your life – Consistency

Hey there, I hope that you are doing well and embracing your magnificence. You’ll often see me write about my learning on the journey of life and even about tackling my weight issues. Much of it is about overcoming your thoughts and the challenges that come when that voice in the back of your head[…]

Living in your flow

In my career, I’ve spent a lot of time going around in circles. Some of it truly because I really didn’t know how to package what I do. I’ve used a number of vehicles to try and describe it in a way that others could identify it and purchase it. I’ve questioned myself, stopped and[…]

Taking Control of Our Need for Validation

We humans are a bit messed up. It is true. I say this because when we are on that self-development journey and in the world of positive thinking we refuse to look at or even admit that there are behaviours that we have which are not so great. These bits we like to skip over,[…]

Because You Can

Believe me, I’ve wasted far too many hours questioning myself and playing the second guessing game. I’ve questioned my validity, my skill set, my confidence, my believability, the experience that I’ve gained over decades, the learning, whether through formal education or self-development. I’m a pretty confident person, but I’ve learned that confidence is not just[…]

Getting Off the Hamster Wheel

I’ve spent much of my life running, not physically but mentally. Running ahead to try and achieve the goals that I have, running to hit that million mark, running to accomplish all that the books tell me that I can. Run, run, run. I’ve been like a hamster on a wheel, trying to catch up[…]

Are you a Rocket Scientist?

There is much to be said for living your dreams and being your best and so forth. But how do you do that when you are not sure that what you have to offer has any value. We have all had that experience when we have worked with someone or had a conversation with someone[…]

Don’t just give it way – Protect it!

When my husband first started speaking for a living he’d excitedly come and tell me that he had been asked to speak and the date. He would have received an email responded to it to say yes he could do the date, possibly give a price and hey ho he was booked. I asked him[…]

Get Your House in Order

I was inspired by Wendy Griffiths this morning to write this blog. I was telling her that I had been inspired to really get my house in order and she confessed that she had the same feeling. Synergy eh? She said “That’s a title for a blog post” and so I said “I’ll write it.”[…]