It’s Not How You Start It’s How You Finish

So, 2018 has trundled in and my plans to kicks its ass from day one have been thwarted at every turn. Whilst I had a great New Year’s Eve I’ve been ill since 30th December. This new strain of flu has become attached to me and doesn’t seem to be willing to leave anytime soon.[…]

Finding Your Happiness – By You

What a world we live in. We are being sold to daily, and what we are sold is the concept that THINGS make us happy and we can’t be happy without them. Whether it’s a car, washing powder, a new kitchen, software or anything else. We are told that if we buy these things that[…]

Be Your Own Hero

My personal favourite message. I think I’ve most probably posted this on social media the most. I have to keep reminding others and myself. Stop expecting other people to save you, stop expecting a cheque through the door, stop hoping that someone else will make it all right for you. You are gifted talented and[…]

Down Days

We all have down days, every single one of us. No one is truly always up and that’s all right. Life is a series of ups and downs it’s inevitable that we won’t be uber excited every moment of every day. The issue is not the down day, the issue is what you with it.[…]

How to get clear when life get’s messy

This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve been dealing with the exhaustion that comes from grief and managing my finances. I took myself to bed on Tuesday stating that I longer wanted to conquer the world but that I wanted the world to conquer me and by the way could someone[…]

Me For Me

Last week, I left England for Marrakesh, it was a mission of mercy. Mercy on myself and family. I’ve been sick on and off for months and my stress levels and health were challenged. I had had enough as I was struggling to get myself together. I think it was something that Lisa Nicholls in[…]

Handling School Holidays & Business

Each school holiday brings a range of issues for those of us who have children and run their own business. Especially when your children are young it can be a real challenge to sort out child care and juggle work and home. In the modern world, the raising of children doesn’t get the kudos it[…]