About Me

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So, Who Am I?

I always find this bit challenging! I’m Madeline McQueen and everything I do is based on three words – Clarity, Confidence, and Empowerment. When you feel clear, you can find the evidence to feel confident and when you feel clear and confident you can certainly feel empowered to be and do more.

I’m thoroughly invested in helping you and your team to be your best both professionally or personally. My premise is this – we are all born magnificent it’s just the layers of labels that others have put on us that stop us from seeing our personal power. It’s all supported with research, processes and strategy because being organised is in my blood.

I have a background in sales and customer service, managing a team that brought in over £14 million annually in sales. When I found out that I was pregnant with my youngest daughter back in 2001 (I have two daughters) I left the corporate world as an employee and started my own self-development journey and then my own business.

On that journey, I have been honing my skills and expertise in areas such as confidence building, personal empowerment, leadership development and so much more. As a result, I have a proven track record of helping clients achieve success through my coaching, consulting, hosting and public speaking. I’ve worked with individuals and organisations to help them define their purpose, unlock their personal power to take their professional and personal development from strength to strength.

I have translated my business acumen and knack for strategic thinking and planning into the ability to give solid professional and business development support to leaders and turn ideas and aspirations into tangible steps towards success.

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Upbeat Persona

I stand out from the competition in one key and important way – personality. I have an infectious sense of humour, an ability to cut through to what’s really going on and an upbeat persona that resonates with my clients and makes the journey of working together much more enjoyable. The way I see it, the prospect of taking your career to the next level is exciting and we should be able to laugh along the way!

From time to time, you’ll hear me on BBC 3 Counties Radio Drive Time’s Family and Friend segment, on a Wednesday evening, chewing the fat with host Roberto Peronne, and other guests. I also appear on Panels and Podcasts sharing my knowledge and insights for a variety of audiences. Most of all, regardless of what I do or how serious it gets, my glass is half full and I’m determined that, together, we’ll have fun.


Ready to get started? I look forward to hearing from you!