2015 in Review and Looking forward to 2016


Happy New Year MMIt has been a very interesting 2015, I definitely can say that I learned lots and achieved much of what I set out to achieve.

For me this last year has been about awakening, I spent a lot of time learning about the Law of Attraction and developing my mind-set for success. I read a tonne of books and I stepped in out of my comfort zone more and did what I said would do.


I started my Queens of Business programme and the success that my clients have been experiencing has been awesome. I’m looking to grow this over the New Year.

I contributed to the book Letters to a Young Generation 2 which is a collaborative book written for black girl's. It’s by no means exclusive and has been an amazing journey with some fantastic women all put together by the amazing Deputy Head Teacher Amanda Wilson.9780957136762

This spurred me on and I wrote my first book “Close That Sale – 7 Steps to Close the Sale & Make More Money” This is going through final editing and will be released at the end of January 2016 as an eBook and later this year as a paperback. I am so psyched about this.

Close That SalesThen there were speaking for a number of events, including the highlight for me at the Not On The High Street - Make, Do, Meet Conference which was truly awesome and I loved the buzz of so many creative retailers.noths-logo

This year I created 7 Days of Motivation which is a free resource to help people boost their motivation over the course of 7 days. It’s been great hearing how people who have signed up have been empowered by it.

There has been so much that has happened, I’ve started new relationships, ended relationships and made a decision and concerned effort to focus completely on myself and my business. When I did this, I stopped spending time on the phone having conversations about what I should be doing and actually got on with it.

I also ensured that I stopped talking about other people and started to appreciate the differences that we have as human beings more.

I spent more time in the charity that I support as a trustee, Hestia, which has increased my knowledge and understanding of what they do and my appreciation of the impact that they have on our society. I’m astounded by the dedication that the organisation and its staff have to delivering outstanding services.

I’ve furthered my desire to travel and spent time in Milan and Morocco, and will continue to explore the world so much more this year.

I almost achieved my goal to have a massage or treatment every month and only didn’t achieve this in December. So I am truly proud of that and will be continuing this goal throughout 2016.

We grew our team this year with a virtual PA and using more outsourcing to really grow. For sure, there will be more of this in 2016

I am grateful for all of the wonderful clients that I work with and the ones to come. I secured and great contract with a university this year that will see me working with them through 2016. I am truly blessed and grateful as it's you, my clients who make the difference.

I found this year challenging and awakening and the plan is to use the learning so that I can reap the benefits in 2016.

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working with you and growing my business as I help others to grow more.

Have an amazing year and seize all of the opportunities that present themselves because you can and most of all you’re worth it!