47 & Counting - Changing Focus


Focus on what you really want Madeline McQueenThis has been a really challenging year in so many ways; the death of my mother and my husband's aunt, health, and business, managing loss and getting to grips with so many political, racial and social changes. So far this year has been a lot!

Today, however, is my 47th Birthday and for the first time in a while, I am truly happy. It has been predicted the hottest day of the year and it really is a cool 32 degrees and it is glorious. I am completely a sunshine baby and can't get enough of the sun. The blue skies, the outpouring of love from my family, friends and associates has been truly awesome.

So what have I learned and gained over this last year?

There is one thing above all.

Focus on what I want completely and ignore what I don't want.

This has been something that I've been speaking about and thinking about but it was in a Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Bristol on Sunday night when this really sunk in. I, too often, spend too much time worried. Worried about what may happen, worried about not being able to pay something or do something or about how I will do it, worried that the goals I've set myself won't happen. Concerned about what could go wrong, concerned about what I don't want.

What a waste of time effort and energy. What if I just focused on what I want and made that take up all of my brain space. The house and car I want, the increased business and financial freedom. What if I made that my every waking and sleeping focus and thought? How much further down the road would I be, how much close to my goals.

So my promise to myself from this day forward is to focus only on what I want, nothing else matters, because the more I reach for those goals the more likely I am to achieve them and those things that I don't want to happen...won't!

Have a great year, enjoy your journey and make what you want a reality.

I'm off for a glass of wine. Toodles!