5 Things Your Email Communication Must Have

You know, I cannot stress just how important adding the niceties to your email communications is, even if you are refusing something. I received an email recently that sent me reeling, it was an email saying that a service was not required. It was one or the rudest emails I have ever received. I recognise that the person writing it might have thought that this was an acceptable email. It was not. So here are 5 things that you email communication must have in order for you to communicate effectively with your audience.

  1. A salutation with the name of the person you are sending your email is important - "Hi John, Dear John, Hello John for example". My name is important and so is yours and, as that is the case then so is the person who you are sending the information to.  Names matter so use them!
  2. Add a nicety - "I hope that you are well, I trust that you are well, I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine, How are you coping in the snow?" You ask this before your dive into your detailed email. It's the little things, the niceties in life that make a difference... so use them!email
  3. The written word is open to interpretation so express understanding wherever you can. Especially when are asking for information expressing understanding can be the door to getting what you want and need. - "I know that you are extremely busy, I recognise that it's the end of the month there are a number of demands on your time, I know that you are waiting on information from another department and I know just how frustrating that can be." Expressing understanding lets the other person know that you too are human.
  4. Offer help and openness in your communications. Make yourself approachable because when you are approachable people will be more open with you and this is a great basis for relationship building.-  "Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or queries. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions."
  5. End with something nice, leave your client with that warm feeling  that makes them smile and think the best of you and your organisation "Have a great day, Enjoy your weekend, We wish you well". Even when you are rejecting something you can say that you wish you them well in their project or with their event etc.

People buy from people they like and your email communication is part of that process. Curt responses alienate so add that human touch. You see everyone wants to feel like they matter so remember this when you communicate on-line. Remember that since you like to be treated like you matter, so do the people who you communicate with.

These are just a few things that help with email communications there are more but the most important thing to remember is people buy from people they like.