3 Fears in Business


When I think about some of the things that at times have held me back from achieving some of my own business goals, I realise that they fall into three categories: article-2314014-0EA316B200000578-625_634x552

  1. The Fear of Failure
  2. The Fear of Success
  3. The Fear of What Other People Will Think

The Fear of Failure is a really common one and many people often feel that this is their problem when actually it's the other two. We've been brought up being told that failure is unacceptable, when actually it's the one of the keys to learning and success. Failure isn't always a bad thing and if it's all that you focus on guess what? well it's bound to happen. If you focus on what you can learn from your experiences and take that learning as you carry on you will find that more success is yours.

The Fear of Success is a funny one and I didn't realise it existed until around six years ago. Can you believe that it's something that cripples people? People often fear success because of what it will mean to them, a change of lifestyle, different friends, less time with family, excessive hours at work, the spotlight being on them and the list goes on. Success can be as frightening as failure and yet success is what most of us strive for. It's a double edge sword or is it? May be the issue with the fear of success is not success itself but our understanding of it. And then on top of that we ask "What if I'm really successful and then I can't maintain it? Can you hear the fear of failure and the fear of what other people think in there?

The fear of what other people think is wrapped up in the other two. Will my success or my failure cause others to think differently of me? Will people take me seriously? Am I credible There are so many different avenues these questions can take. Somewhere down the line we gave our power over to those anonymous or not so anonymous people whose opinion doesn't really matter. But some how we have become afraid of their disapproval.


There will always be some sort of barrier in the way of our success, we are the     only ones who can remove the barrier by facing our fears, questioning the

validity of them, dealing with them and then kissing them goodbye. Don't get me wrong these fears are real and definitely crippling, I know as in the past I have let all three of them determine my future. But as Susan Jeffers says: 

"Feel the fear and do it anyway!"


Don't allow your fears to steal your dreams. Your business is just fine,

step out of your fear zone and feast on success.


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