Are you a Rocket Scientist?


Not-Rocket-Science-How-to-Uncomplicate-Your-Business-ModelThere is much to be said for living your dreams and being your best and so forth. But how do you do that when you are not sure that what you have to offer has any value. We have all had that experience when we have worked with someone or had a conversation with someone where they have turned around and thanked us for the amazing information that we imparted to them. You thank them and then think… “What! That was nothing” and wonder why they were so hyped about something that for you was so basic. What is the deal with that? Here is the deal. You don’t value what you have to offer. For you, what you know and the experience and knowledge that you have to impart comes so naturally that it feels like it has no value, because in your eyes it’s basic.  Yes, well maybe it is to you! But to those people who have not yet grasped that knowledge (that comes to you so easily) it is “rocket science.” The sooner you realise that your knowledge is not as common as you think it is, the better.

You are not an imposter because it comes easy to you. The fact that people tell you that what you have srocket-scientistsaid or done has helped them and that they are grateful for it should tell you something. “What is that something?” I hear you say. It’s that what you have to offer has value. Immense value to those who need what you have. So instead of trying to create something that is rocket science for you to sell to other people, use what you have. Because what you have is rocket science enough for your market and you have the key to unlocking it for them.

Next time you find yourself saying “Oh it’s nothing” when something expresses their thanks to you for the information that you gave them or the way that you have just helped them think again. Say “Thank you” and express a word of thanks to the universe (or whomever you believe in) for the ability that you have to make something that is difficult for someone else easy.

You and what you have has value. Period!

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