Not Everything is Seen - Background Success


So, I spoke to a friend who’d been off the radar last Friday. We were chatting away, and I showed her my new website, which she loved. She told me that she’d heard someone say that I was finally coming out from behind and she challenged. She said that she didn’t see it like that. Her view was that I had always been working sorting out my kids, ensuring that the businesses I run with my husband were working well and that the actual reason why people have seen and heard him is because of me.

This got me thinking because in all honesty I’ve used that phrase “I’ve been in hiding” about myself. Yet, it’s not completely true.

I’ve made choices. Ones to ensure that our invoices got paid, in fact, to ensure that an invoice was sent in the first place so that we could provide for our family.

I’ve chosen to ensure that throughout our children’s schooling I’ve been around so that teachers and educators can see that our children are not to be messed with. In doing so I ran the Primary School PTA and raised more money than they’d ever raised and created some legacy events that still happen to this day. I was parent governor ensuring that parents and children were represented on the schools governing body, making decisions that affected all stakeholders.

In 2003, I hosted Wembley Arena with an audience of 7000 – 8000. From 2007 to 2008 I ran the bi-monthly gospel event “Souled Out” with David McQueen and Trevor William. I’ve event managed weddings, fundraising dinner dances and all sorts of events.

I’ve been consulting and coaching with some amazing people and organisations. I worked for a prominent entrepreneur for a few months and put in place a webinar coaching series she ran back then. Yes – I wrote the workbooks.

For 5 years I was the resident coach for a management assessment centre for a large medical devices company. I’ve worked with UCL, RHUL and St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

I’ve hosted on the continent tech conferences in Budapest and Vienna. I worked with an online digital company, a wide range of SME’s and corporates.

I was a trustee on a semi large Charity – Hestia and helped to get the “UK Says No More” campaign off the ground.

I’ve secured thousands of pounds of business for my husband and helped businesses and worked in schools along the way.

Back in the day I was a top corporate account manager for an international IT reseller in the UK. I was also a Team Leader (Sales Manager), managing a team that was responsible for bringing in £14m in sales per year, when I left to have my second child, I was hitting 118%-120% of target each month

Sometimes, I go into my files on Dropbox and discover documents I’ve written for organisations, forms and resources that I’ve created that astound me. Why? Because they are really good, and I had forgotten about them.

Most people don’t know that I’ve acted with Rudolph Walker (East Enders) or Treva Etiennne (Pirates of the Carribean.)

I notice that on this journey that I haven’t always recognised what I’ve done nor publicised it because somewhere in my head, I believed that I was hiding and wasn’t sure what I had to offer. How crazy is that?

This is why I am so passionate about helping others to see their personal greatness.

As I see and appreciate mine, it’s my duty to help other see and appreciate theirs. That’s why coaching and training means so much to me. That’s why I like to host events and speak in public, so that I can pour energy into a room of people so that they can see they can.

We all have greatness within us. Whether you see what others are doing or you don’t each of us are daily adding to our repertoire of achievements. It’s why I make my clients write theirs down.

That’s why I’m going back this week and re-writing my achievement list. Why not take 20 minutes to write down yours – and appreciate yourself.