Be Your Authentic Self


This week I hosted Craft Con a huge software conference dedicated to software craftsmanship, where software developers, programmers, coders and consults got the opportunity to experience some of the best experts in the industry. 1851 people over 4 days with over 70 speakers delivering 73 speeches, plus workshops, meetups and networking a plenty. Hosted at the amazing Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park ("Hungarian Railway History Park") which showed plenty of craftsmanship and engineering itself. Here is my learning from this:

  • Put yourself out there. No one can truly know how good you are until you get out there and give it a good go. This goes for yourself as well.
  • You are good enough - I've spent the last 5 years saying I am enough, the last month that changed to I am good enough, so are you. You better believe it!
  • Be authentically you - Lots of people expect me to be like my husband. I can't be like him because I'm not him I'm me. When I stand in my power and I am authentically me I am untouchable... as are you.
  • When you believe everyone is forced to deal it whether they believe you or not - that whole self-belief thing is more than important, it's like rocket fuel, it really does get you and others going.
  • If you know something share it - You don't have to be the best or have everything down pat, you just need to be willing to share your understanding in an open and honest way. I saw a lot of speakers do that this week.
  • When the time is right, the time is right - we spend so much time pushing when actually we need to focus on being in flow, because when the time is right it will all come together.
  • Don't use your size, hair colour, race, stature or anything else to stop you - what matters is whether or not you can deliver. If you can deliver no one cares about that stuff (it doesn't mean that people don't have their prejudices, but it does mean that the people who are interested in what you have to offer - are interested in what you have to offer)
  • Be the difference you want to see in the world - I got to do this conference because I stepped up and said that I wanted to add value and improve on what I had seen by offering my services. Stop waiting for change to come to you and be the change.
  • People are beautiful - yes there is some messed up stuff and people in our world, but people are beautiful. I met beautiful people who spoke from their heart because they felt something. Many of them may never know just how deeply they touched me, whether it was a tweet of appreciation or a word whilst passing down the aisle. People are beautiful.
  • What you've got has value - I heard too many people say things about themselves that didn't honour them even though there were in positions of authority. The people I spent the last two days with are fire starters, they change our experience of the world with their ideas and coding and programming. They do awesome things and have mad skills and value.
  • Life is worth living - because when you focus on living it the experiences you have are wonderous.
  • Take time out for yourself - It's easy to keep going but to avoid burn out you must take time out to just chill. After two days of conference moderation that's what I did. I ordered room service and then watched Netflix.
  • Everything is possible - I have seen some amazing concepts birthed into reality over the last few days just because someone somewhere tried to see if it was possible. I'm possible and so are you!

Be authentically you, live your best life and never shy away from who you are, it is enough, you are good enough.

Enjoy the journey!