Be Your Best - Do What You Said You Would Do!


talking-headsI talk a lot and those who know me know that this is true. I have great ideas, systems and processes, views and opinions and a whole range of ways to do things. I am very much about efficiency and execution and as I have a hypercritical side to me, which is great for the work that I do, it means that I sometimes see problems before others do. I also see solutions so my hypercritical nature balances itself out. But I talk a lot, I suppose it comes from being the youngest of a big family of women, here you are always trying to be heard. So what has this got to do with being my best? Everything! I really have this thing about being my best and not just myself but for those I come in contact with and for my clients.  It’s what I say to my children when we talk about their progress, that they need to be there best not for me and their Dad but for themselves.  I also let them know that this talking thing is all good and well but it means nothing if I don’t actually take action.

Whether business, career, weight loss, health, relationships or any other category that you can think of talking is a great starting point but, it means nothing if that is all that it is. It is taking action that makes all of the difference to your success. If we would just do what we said we would do then our lives would look much more like we wanted them to. The impact that we would have on our world would be phenomenal and our feelings of accomplishment and self-worth would be through the roof.

When we do what we said we would do we find that we have more evidence of what we are capable of. This in turn spurs us on to do more because we have seen and experienced the results that happen when we actually do something. Every thought that tells us that we can’t is blown away when we actually take action. We are much quicker to dispel our own myths about what we are capable of when we take action and use the evidence of that action to prove our abilities.Stop-Waiting-to-Take-Action

I’m not saying don’t talk, what I am saying is “Do what you said that you would do.” Follow up that talk, chatter, those thoughts, dreams and musings with actual action. Do what you said that you would do and relish in it. When you do this you will find that you open up a whole new world of possibilities because when you do take action things and people around you are forced to change. They are forced to take you seriously, to notice you and to see your worth.

So today I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to take action and do what you said that you would do, because when you do you will get where you want to go.

Have an amazing day.