Because You Can

Believe me, I've wasted far too many hours questioning myself and playing the second guessing game. African American woman thinking

I've questioned my validity, my skill set, my confidence, my believability, the experience that I've gained over decades, the learning, whether through formal education or self-development.

I'm a pretty confident person, but I've learned that confidence is not just one thing that is displayed in one way. In all of the different aspects of our being we have different levels of confidence. You may be confident swimming breaststroke in your local pool and never second guess yourself, but when driving you might find yourself struggling to believe in your ability. Confidence has levels and those levels are not equalized in every aspect of your life.

That said, this self doubt and self questioning often leads to paralysis. We do nothing or very little because we've convinced ourselves that we can't do anything because... (fill the gap with your latest 'why not'.)

So today, I am contending that you can, because you can. Because if you look at the areas of your life where you feel most confident and if you look at all of the evidence and experience that you have accumulated over your years on this planet doing great things in those areas then... you can do this.

Whatever your "this" may be, you can do it. When that questioning voice rears its ugly head shut it down with "I can" because you're done it before in another aspect of your life and you can surely use that experience, confidence and courage to do it in this one.

Have an awesome day of achievement...