Brainstorming for Results

Brainstorming for Results We get so many ideas about what we can do and how we can do it can be difficult to work out what needs to be done first or what you, even want to do.

Multi-tasking is overrated and often leaves you achieving less than if you would have just focused on one task.

Here’s a simple way to get yourself some focus and get things done by brainstorming for results.

Brainstorm everything this going on and needs working on.

Take a blank sheet of paper, use a wipe board or flip chart paper and really get every thought and idea out of your head and onto paper. No holds barred, no ifs and buts - just empty your mind of all the possibilities that are floating around in there.

Highlight the 3 key areas to work on. 

Look at everything that you have written down and ask yourself these questions about them

    1. Which are most important to you?
    2. Which are you most passionate about?
    3. Which stand out for you?
    4. Which ones have the most impact?

Pick three areas or topics that you want to concentrate on.

Determine which key area to work on first.

It’s not possible to work on everything at one time, so which of the three needs working on right here and now? Put the three key areas in order of priority and focus on whichever one comes out on top. That is the one you need to pursue, for now.

Put a plan in place for that area/topic. 

Since this one is a priority, you now need to decide which steps you need to take to make it happen. Put a plan in place, use scheduling to diarise what must happen when. Engage any key people you need to help you make it happen and ensure that you have a clear plan. Write it down. Things tend not to happen when you don’t have a written plan.

Take action and make the plan a reality. 

This speaks for its self. The only reason things don’t get done is because you didn’t actually do them. So now that you have a plan in place let’s get it on! Go ahead and execute the plan.

Review the other 2 key areas and follow the process again.

Now that you have executed your first task, go back to the other key areas and set your priorities and put the plan in place and then execute. Your priorities may have changed so you might have to go back to the original brainstorming material or do a whole new brainstorm to find the next area to work on. What’s most important is that you continue to do this so that you can get clear and get things done.

It can be challenging to focus when so many things require doing, but once you provide some focused thought, create a plan and take action it’s amazing how you get clear and how you can get things done.

Resource | Deep Work by Cal Newport is a terrific book about focused work and how it enables you to gain greater clarity and get things done. I highly recommend it.