Change your thoughts - Change your life


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I've had an ongoing battle with my weight for a long time. Some years I work hard and am on the winning side and other years I'm beaten at every turn. I've taken time out to really consider what is actually going on and why this battle has continued for so long. As a result of this have been getting a range of revelations that don’t just apply to weight. In fact I have found that every one of these light bulb moments apply to all aspects of life.

These revelations are nothing new we hear them over and over again from self-development and business Guru’s. Whilst we may know them in our heads they aren’t always fixed in our hearts or translated to action. Head knowledge and heart knowledge are two very different things.

Over the next few blog posts I’m going to blog about my learnings, it would be great to hear your thoughts and feedback because I truly believe that our shared experiences provide shared learning and encouragement.

Today is all about overcoming your thoughts.

We spend a lot of time debating in our heads what we should or would like to do; go to the gym write, a blog, contact a potential client, ask someone out for a date. More often than not we give our positive thoughts little attention and go straight to the reasons why we can’t do something. We consider how much pain we will experience and determine the responses of others to our potential requests and convince ourselves that our positive action would be detrimental.

It’s time to overcome your thoughts and rewrite them. So how do you do this?

  1.  Honestly explore your real beliefs about the benefits of staying stuck. On a subconscious level we truly believe that we benefit from being the way that we are.
  2. Explore the pain that you think that you have been avoiding, your real reasons for not doing something. Whether your think that it will cause you rejection, pain, distress or losing out on something that you think that you will never experience again.
  3. Focus on the reasons why what you want to do will be a success and the benefits that come from taking that action that you have been thinking about and putting off for so long.

Think seriously about the real pain that comes from not actually do what you really want to do.Write these down openly and honestly, the more honest you can be with yourself the better. I realised that whilst drinking coffee was poisoning my body for me I felt on some crazy level that drinking it made me hip and happening, a serious business woman who had a coffee in the morning to keep me going. What absolute nonsense! But until I opened up and had an honest conversation with myself I was fooling myself that coffee somehow enhanced me as a person. I know it’s completely nuts… but this is what we do with our thoughts.

Let me give you another example: You know not exercising means that your health suffers, taking time off your life, making you susceptible to disease, gaining weight. You can’t wear the clothes that you really want to wear because you can’t fit in to them, you live in fear that when you go to do your buckle up on your airplane seat that you won’t be able to do the seat belt up. You feel and suffer from low energy, you have mood swings feeling down because you aren't doing anything to release positive endorphins. You’re forced to wear a sack for friend’s wedding and are unable to cope for any length of time in those beautiful high heels that you purchased on sale!

But the food tastes just so good, and to be honest the sofa feels like the right place to be right now and you are just so tired and you’re not in the mood. Then again whilst I'm on the sofa some crisps and dips will be a perfect accompaniment to Games of Thrones or the latest sitcom, reality TV show, master Chef (take your pick.) And let’s be honest it’s going to hurt and those slim people in the gym will be looking at me and I won’t be able to keep up and hey, I’m not that bad am I because last year I did go to the gym for 3 weeks in a row and it didn't really make much of a difference so what is the point!Jumping

You see how your thoughts work? Whatever you tell yourself is what your brain will support you with. You need to change the thoughts by tackling the negative ones every time that they show up on the scene. If you have been putting off a call to a client, just make the call, if you have been putting off writing a blog, write it, sent that email, making that appointment, do some exercise… you will be surprised the responses and benefits you will get. Change your thoughts and take action!

Remember most people are so busy that it’s not that they don’t want to speak to you it’s just a time thing. You may find that what you offer is exactly what they need right now. Here’s a thought “If you never ask the answer is always No!” So why not ask and focus on a 50% chance that the answer may actually be “Yes.”

Your thoughts are just that… yours. You decide what they are and how they affect you. If you choose to let them run riot them you will never achieve the things that you want to do. You will always be thinking about it but never actually doing anything. You look at other people and think it’s OK for them. Well now it’s not… they just choose to do what you would not. They chose to control their thoughts and put a leash on them instead of letting them lead.

So face yourself, honestly answer the questions above and write down then answers and then choose to do something different by taking action. The more you challenge your thoughts for more positive ones and the more you take action the more change you will see in your life.

Be the change that you want to see in your life…by starting with changing your thoughts.

Let me know what thoughts your battling with below.