Change your thoughts Change your life – Consistency


Hey there, I hope that you are doing well and embracing your magnificence. You'll often see me write about my learning on the journey of life and even about tackling my weight issues. Much of it is about overcoming your thoughts and the challenges that come when that voice in the back of your head keeps telling you why you just can’t do something.

This week I want to talk to you about consistency. Yep, that word that we all know but somehow seem to avoid. I realise that if I had just been consistent about caring for my body through exercise and healthy eating then I would actually be the dress sized I wanted to get to by now. This consistency thing doesn't just refer to weight it seeps into every aspect of our lives especially business.Athlete feet on road

Words like consistency are going out of fashion in one sense but embraced in another. We love the consistency of tweeting or posting Facebook messages and this consistency tends to swallow up a great chunk of our time. The consistency we tend to avoid is the one that takes willpower, determination, discipline and a change of mindset. I’m talking about the consistency that doesn't end with a goal reached but continues on to ensure that we keep achieving that goal and the goals beyond it.

What I have noticed is that when we achieve a goal or get close often that consistency goes straight out of the window. We may feel better about ourselves and tell the world about our achievement but that “made it” attitude makes us complacent. It's at this stage that we stop doing the things that were working and we let things ride a little. Like prospecting for new business; we secure a new client/s work appears to be pouring in, so we focus on the work and stop prospecting. Low and behold sooner or later the work dries up and we wonder what went wrong. It’s simple we stopped being consistent.

Whether it's touting workshops or finding a new job, we need to keep promoting ourselves, keep looking, enquiring, looking for new partnerships, and contacting new companies to get ourselves known. It’s important to remember that, often, no one knows you or what you do, it takes time to bed in, you need to keep going, keep posting, finding new ways and new places to promote but what you really need to do is be consistent.

We give up too easily if it doesn't happen today or tomorrow or within the week we decide that it doesn’t work. Consistency wins the day, it’s the compound effect and all of that hard work will pay off over time. Problem is we are in such an instant gratitude society that we are not willing to give it that time. Which is exactly what success needs.

We see many people who appear to be an overnight success, however, many of those who we would deem as an overnight success would say not so. Usually, there has been year’s hard slog, making connections and immense effort in order to become an overnight success. What we see are the results of discipline, determination, passion and consistency. That’s what makes the difference. Those who shortcut this are few and far between and often their success is short-lived.

“Some say I'm an overnight success. Well, that was a very long overnight that lasted about 10 years” – Lisa Morton

Don’t stop doing what you are doing, if you need to shake it up a little then do that but keep going. Be consistent in your marketing, your sales, your confidence building, your customer service and your exercise - be consistent if you want results. The key to your success is you. But you've got to keep going.