Change your thoughts change your life - You are your saviour


Depositphotos_24859117_xsI grew up in church and there were lots of benefits and downsides but the moral principles of Christianity have always stayed with me. However, one thing that I realised that religion in general tends to do (through interpretation) is  get you off the hook of being responsible for yourself. You are left completely at the mercy of a higher being and the expectation is that someone else will come and save you, because you are incapable of saving yourself.

I remember a particular time in my life when things where very difficult financially and I used to pray every day for a miracle cheque for £10,000 to drop through my door to alleviate the pain and stress of my situation and solve all of my financial problems.  I prayed and continued to pray and whilst there was help along the way the cheque didn’t come. I felt let down and that surely someone would save me from my circumstances.

One day after reading a range of self-development and really thinking on some passages in scripture I got the revelation:  I am my saviour. If I believe that I have been given power and if I believe that I was created in the image of a higher being then what am I waiting for?  I already have what it takes to make the changes I want to see in my circumstances and so do you.

In the Western world there is an expectation of instant gratification and a hand out mentality which is sometimes (definitely not in all cases) disguised as charity. This leads us to believe that someone else should solve our problems. That age old saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a life time” comes to mind. We relish in giving someone a “fish” and then get upset that they come back the next day for another one. Many of us are waiting for a “fish” for someone else to solve our problem so that we can then go merrily on our way.  I just want to understand that it’s not going to happen and even if it does sooner or later you will come up against something else in your life and will expect a bailout.

They say that 80% of lottery winners go broke within 7 years of winning, Depositphotos_54639345_xsmaybe this is something to do with the give a man a fish syndrome. I just want to remind you that you have skills and talents, you can communicate with others, you can get a job, start a business, ask for clients, create a plan and make a difference in your OWN life. When you do this for yourself you will have a massive sense of achievement that will boost your confidence and give you the gumption to achieve more.

No matter how sorry you feel your situation is, you are the one person who has the power to change it. So do something… take action. There are millions of stories about people who changed their lives by changing their mind and choosing to be their own saviour. If you want different make a decision today to be the difference that you want to be in your life.

Have an amazing day and a magnificent life.