Customer Service - What?

I've been delivering customer service training to an IT department of a university. Things have certainly changed with the introduction of fees for students. Furthermore, with technology running ahead at the speed of light it can be challenging to provide for all of the wants and needs of an logged in customer base. Then you have the Academics who like to do things the way they've always been  

done and prefer to challenge the implementation of any shiny, new IT infrastructure.

How do you please them all and what is customer service anyways?

Good customer service ensures that what you provide “does what it says on the tin.” It also provides that when necessary you go the extra mile to ensure that the customer’s requirements are satisfied and an agreeable resolution is found. Whilst the customer may not always be right it is important to leave them feeling like they are.

Customers are human beings who have, needs, wants and desires they want their problems to be solved and want to be taken care of regardless of who they are.

When all is said and done the customer’s definition of customer service, in most cases, becomes their expectation of good customer service, and it is up to the organisation – and the people in the organisation – to not just meet but exceed that expectation. That's how you please them all!

Good customer service comes with a range of challenges but the benefits are awesome.

Here are some that I always highlight

Customer service is important because it affects your:

  • Reputation – Good customer service builds reputations. Reputations take years to build and moments to lose
  • Repeat Business – Good customer service creates returning customers
  • Out Servicing of the Competition – Good customer service can make your competition pale into insignificance
  • Loyalty – Good customer service keeps customers devoted to you and what you do
  • Evangelism – Good customer service leads your customers to willingly promote your services
  • Business Proofing/Revenue Building – Good customer service increases and secures your revenues and, in turn, future proofs your organisation (In this case, encourages other departments to consult with and spend with you.)

Remember, you make the difference to the customer’s experience. The experience of a customer with one representative has the power to impact their view of the entire organisation. You, in effect, represent who your organisation is to them. Therefore, you are an evangelist or marketeer for your company.

Regardless of the customer seek to deliver keeping their needs in mind and you can't go far wrong. It's not always that simple but it's a start.