Down Days

We all have down days, every single one of us. No one is truly always up and that’s all right. Life is a series of ups and downs it’s inevitable that we won’t be uber excited every moment of every day. The issue is not the down day, the issue is what you with it.
So here are few tips:
1: Allow yourself to feel the downness.
2: Identify what it is specifically that is getting you down because it’s not everything. Something specific has knocked you off course identify it and then...
3: Face it! Does it really have all of the power that you are giving it? Is it really that bad? Are you letting it control you?
4: Let it go - you already have solutions you are just spending too much time focusing on the problem.
5: Do something - listen to some music that really uplifts you, exercise, watch that uplifting movie (mine is The Last Holiday). go for a walk, call a friend who knows how to uplift you. Do something... because when you do you can dispel the downness and access your happiness.
I’m no magician, there are no magic tricks. Life will get you down sometimes... but know this... you have the power to change your mind, the power to life yourself up and the power to be magnificent.