Everyone Needs Support at Some Time

a-lift-3When you run your own business it can be a lonely journey. The expectation is that you need to be a Jack of all trades and good at all of them. But it can be a lonely journey if you are a sole entrepreneur. There is no office banter, no one to bounce ideas off and no one to delegate to. Moreso there is no one to keep you accountable. Your weekdays and weekends drift into one, with no clear purpose or definition. This is often because we are conned into believing that if you want to be successful then you have to work every hour that God sends, whether you are productive or not. You find that you are not as productive as you would like to be. You need some support but not sure where to go for it.

When you speak to your family they don’t think that you are doing anything and wonder why you don’t just get a job. Depending on the friends that you have, you are either seen as available all day to do anything or a miserable and unavailable. It can feel like no-one understands you and that there is no one to talk to.

Even if you do have staff they are not necessarily the right people to go to air your challenges, concerns, complaints and requests for help.

So what are some of the things that you can do to get the support that you need?

  • Get out and network – meet like-minded people who are also running businesses and can identify with you.
  • Join an online network – here there will be forums that you can have discussions in and network with like-minded people.
  • Outsource some of your tasks, this gives you an opportunity to interact with others whilst getting alleviating yourself of some of your business burdens and getting rid of that Jack of all trades label.
  • Rent a desk in a shared office or join a business hub – This is a great way to get involved with people who are also running a business and to get that feeling of being in a group.
  • Get a coach – having someone to bounce ideas off and to help focus is useful a coach can help you work through your challenges and help you achieve your goals.
  • Get a mentor – someone who has been there before is a great way to get support, they will help you navigate the world of business and introduce you to different ways of doing things.
  • Join a mastermind group – iron sharpens iron so joining a group that produces feedback, support, accountability and challenges.

It takes a conscious effort to step out so that you can get the support that you need, so go on and give it a go. Just try one thing on the list and you will find that it will give you the confidence to try even more. Kick the loneliness and see how you better grow your business by engaging with others.

Have an amazing day

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