Finding Your Happiness - By You


What a world we live in. We are being sold to daily, and what we are sold is the concept that THINGS make us happy and we can’t be happy without them. Whether it’s a car, washing powder, a new kitchen, software or anything else. We are told that if we buy these things that our life will suddenly become whole and fulfilling and happy! If it’s not a THING then it’s a person. To be a whole person you need someone else to make your life complete and make you happy? Really? Of course, having someone to share your life with is wonderful when it works but it doesn’t equal your true happiness.

The message that we don’t hear often enough is that each of us is the key to our own happiness. It’s noone else’s job to make us happy it is our own. Things come and go as do people, you are the one constant in your life and you hold the key to your happiness.

You have everything you need to be happy all wrapped up in yourself. The problem is that we are so bombarded with messages that we need something else or someone else to be happy that we are so busy looking elsewhere we never take the time to look inwards and see what we have to offer ourselves. When last did to take the time out to explore who you are, what you want and how you want it? When was the last time you pursued your happiness by looking inwards not outwards?

Take some time out today to find your happiness and use these tips:

1. Explore things that you love – When last did you spent time working out what you like doing and what makes you happy, what you love. So, stop a moment and explore what you enjoy without reservation and based solely on yourself.

2. Listen to your heart – block out the noise and spend some time alone and just listen to what your heart is saying. You can feel it if you spend some time allowing yourself to be and just listen. Close the door, turn off the device and sit with just yourself and listen.

3. Get clear about what you want – Get yourself a journal and a (fancy) pen and spend some time writing down your goals and what you want in your life

4. Create a plan – when you know what you want. create a plan to achieve it. Too often our unhappiness is fuelled by regret and unfulfillment because we didn’t pursue what we wanted to do. So, change it!

5. Focus on what is great in your life – There is so much that is awesome but often you can’t see it because you spend so much time looking at what is not going so well. Change the focus and the angle you’ll be surprised at just how much you already have.

6. Be open to change – we’ve all done things the same way and expecting different results. Time to change things up and do something different. Whether it’s rearranging your space, taking up a new skill/hobby or committing to go out more. Be open to change.

7. Think differently – remember thoughts become things so focus on positive outcomes and focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. There is a difference between “I don’t want to be unhappy” and “I’m experiencing happiness right now.”

Whether you are at the start of a New Year, hitting a birthday or just considering where you are in your life. Now is a good time for you to look at what happiness means to you and how you can find it and develop it for yourself.

Go get your happiness.