Hiding Keeps You Stuck

I know, right, some days you just want to close your laptop, turn everything off and stay in your pyjamas. It might be that you keep your laptop on but spend time fiddling in the background surfing, also known as lurking!, where no one can see you. You’ve avoided the networking event that you were supposed to go to, your social media posting is sporadic at best, you’re supporting yet another person for free and/or keeping your achievements low key.

You're hiding.

Yep, you are hoping that if no one notices you then you won’t have to step out and be as awesome as you know you are deep down inside, but find it hard to admit. Because, hey, that person over there seems to be doing better than you so why even try. The other thing is that if you come out from hiding you’re not sure if you have what it takes to stay out and be consistently awesome. So, you choose to do a bit more tinkering the in background because it's better than being in the limelight – or so you think.

I can talk about hiding because I’ve done it, kept myself hiding away behind the curtain a little afraid to come out in the open and dreading being compared. It’s difficult especially when you are married/attached to someone who is heavily popular.

So, here is what I’ve learned on this journey and I hope that it will help and support you. Hiding keeps you hiding and, hiding keeps you stuck.

The only way to prove your worth (to yourself, mainly) is by getting out there and doing. They only way to confirm that you have something to offer and that you are just as good as everyone else is by getting out and being seen, known and heard. Your hiding robs this world of the uniqueness that you have to offer it. You rob the rest of us of seeing the world through your lens and gaining form your learning.

You rob your company – whether your own or the one you work for – of your brilliance and ingenuity by hiding and playing small. No one benefits, least of all you.

So go and shine. Resist the temptation to stay away and stay small and go embrace the opportunities that are around you to #BeMore. This doesn’t mean that you must now go brashly into the world, of course not, but it does mean that you must stop downplaying what’s great about you and share your offering more widely with the world. So, go ahead, write that book, record that video, create that online course, speech, training session and then let the world know about it.

Don’t let your hiding keep you stuck, step out into the light and shine your brightest.