How to get clear when life get's messy

Depositphotos_104969142_s-2015This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. I've been dealing with the exhaustion that comes from grief and managing my finances. I took myself to bed on Tuesday stating that I longer wanted to conquer the world but that I wanted the world to conquer me and by the way could someone just give me £5m so that I could live by the sea for the rest of my life and do nothing. I know it sounds a little dramatic and it was!

I felt completely out of control and oppressed by what I have been going through, my finances were all other the place after a couple of months of not being fully focused on work. Grieving or not the bills still need to be paid.

So here is what I did to get myself back in some kind of order and out of my miry clay funk.

  1. I accepted that I am going through a hard time, that grief is real and impacts how I feel and my coping mechanisms
  2. I got support from my closest friends, you know the real ones who lift you up, not covertly tear you down
  3. I appreciated that I need to truly care for myself so if I can only do a couple of hours of work then so be it
  4. I put a sales target in place for this week and in doing so I am now only £800.00 off achieving it. If I do this every week I will be set
  5. I picked up the phone, spoke to my creditors and explained what was going on, they were brilliant because I didn't avoid them
  6. I did the numbers for the next 4 months;  sales closed and pipeline against target and what the gap is
  7. I put a plan in place
  8. I let go of a business because I appreciated that I don't have the capacity to build it right now in the way I want to and that is all right
  9. I reminded myself of what I am capable of and the wide skill set that I have
  10. I let go of trying to hold it all together all the time

No matter how you cut it, life throws your curve balls. Everyone you see on social media does not have it together all of the time. We are human, so we need to work out how we deal with the challenges that life throws at us. Don't try to ignore them, face them head on, get clear and be kind to yourself.