How You Are Loosing Income In Client Meetings


You had a great meeting with your potential client it was an initial consultation and you got on really well. He seemed really eager and …Hey… so were you. He’s really interested in moving forward and so you tell that you will send him your information and then you can get started. And that is exactly what you do, you send him an email with how you work, your pricing and how much you’ve love to work with him. He comes back to you saying “Thanks for this, I’m ready to go.” And then the silence begins. He’s not returning your calls or emails and he’s gone quiet. You get an email saying “Thanks for everything but I’ve got some other commitments right now” and then off he disappears into the silence.

What the hell just went wrong?

Unfortunately, you did!

When the time came for you to tell your client the “dirty details” of money and working practices you opted out and choose to deliver the “difficult information” via email. All that warm fuzzy feeling that would have been a great place to couch your “difficult information” wasn’t there when you sent the email, what was there were cold hard numbers that had no context on their own no matter how much blurb you wrote.Not Asking for the Sale Words Barrier Selling Rule Process

It is your responsibility to set out your market stall in the moment when you are discussing working with your potential client. That’s when you tell them how you work, how much it costs, how and when they can pay, what happens next and how working with together you can help them achieve their goals.

When you separate this from your meeting you separate your client from the benefits of working with you and they can’t see them anymore. You lose your value to them as you are now just a price.

When you are in that meeting, on that call and in that warm and fuzzy moment with your client that is the time to ask, it is not the time cop out. That is the time when you take everything that they told you and summarise it, explaining how what you do will help them achieve their goals. You broach costs/fees and again align them to how you will help them achieve and you gain commitment from them to go ahead on your terms.

When you are open from the beginning and you broach the uncomfortableness of money and asking for the sale related to everything that client wants, then your client is less likely to fall by the wayside when the warm feeling becomes a small ember.

If you want to grow your business and make more money this is one simple way of making a difference. You will close more sales as you actually go through the steps of closing the sale when you are with the client.

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