International Women's Day 2018

It's International Women’s Day again. That one day of the year where we do our best to fully embrace womanhood and the positive impact that it has on our society. I look forward to a time when this day isn’t needed, a time when equality and diversity are not buzz words but knitted into the fiber of our very existence.

The last year has been tumultuous with #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns hitting social media and our news feeds. The mass silence that plagued us all over the sexual harassment of women has ended. Women have been standing up in together in a way that has empowered more and more of us to speak our truths and challenge the status quo.

We are calling out the shameful practices that have been accepted for far too long. Questioning the inequality in treatment and pay for women who deliver just as much and if not more than men.

I’m conscious that through all of this that, we, as women need to consider and speak up about intersectionality. It’s time to ensure that no woman is left behind, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed and religious or political affiliation. Time to stop being the blockers to each other’s success and to raise each of us and all of us up. Time to send the lift back down and extend the ladder. To coin UK PM Theresa May’s phrase, we’re “Stronger Together.”

On another note, research shows that confidence is just as important as competence to success. As women, this confidence piece sometimes eludes us, as in our need to be perfect we end up stuck. So, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, take a moment to show some appreciation and compliment a woman that you know and a woman that you don’t. Let her know that she has value, what you like about her or why she's important. It could be the earrings she’s wearing, the way she commands the room when speaking in public, her support for you or just her aura. Find something, anything and let her know that she is valued.

Let's Press for Progress, together!

Make this International Women’s Day count – be your ultimate best for you, shine brightly so that your light encourages others to shine brightly too.

Happy International Women’s Day.