It Could Be You!


Selling doesn't have to be a lottery when you know how!

How many times have you said it?

 “Ok well when you are ready let me know?”

“Well, it was really nice to meet you, let’s see where we can go from here?”

“It would be great if we could work together

Then after the meeting your contact fizzles into thin air and… No Sale!

You might as well have gone to the local shop and bought a lottery ticket. Every time you say these words you take a gamble on gettinglottery-tickets-001 the sale your want and the revenue you need to make your business dreams a reality. Most of us are capable of building great rapport, creating interest in our product/service and getting customers to want to work with us. Unfortunately, this is often where our expertise ends as often we bottle out of asking for the sale because we don’t want to be seen as too forthright or pushy.

The truth is that if you are in business you are expected to ask for the sale after all that is how you get your business. Closing doesn't have to be cold and hard, but closing is essential. Here are my seven steps to effective closing. By just by applying these few steps you can start to close more business and put more money in your pocket.

1.       Set up your sale correctly in the first place.

Make sure that you are clear about what you are selling and that you have clearly  explored your potential clients need for it.

2.       Confirm that they are happy with everything that you have presented?              

This should be happening all the way through the sale. Small closes through out conversation/presentation make the final close easier. Ask questions like “So, is that something you would want?”, “Does that fit in with the way your business works?”

3.       Confirm that they are happy with and clear about the pricing.

Ask them a question to confirm the price. Remember if you are not comfortable  about your pricing how do you expect them to be? “We charge £1,500 for the website which gives you… does that fall within your budget?”  “Are you happy with the price?”

4.       Confirm when they want to start.

It is easier to make a choice than a decision 3 is the magic number. “So we can start your sessions either on Monday Morning or Tuesday Afternoon or Thursday lunchtime, which suits you best?

5.       Confirm everything that you have just agreed.

You really don’t need any nasty surprises after you've left your client so confirm exactly what they have agreed to, the pricing and start dates.“OK so just to confirm, we starting on the 18 October for 6 coaching sessions focusing on overcoming your fears and the agreed price is £1,500.00”

 6.       Confirm what the next steps are.

Where do you go from here? Spell it out to client what the next steps are. If they need to complete some paper work, what do they need to complete and by when?  When do they need to make payment and how? When will you contact them? What will they receive from you? What do they need to do to get ready to start? What paperwork are you sending them?  Answer their questions so that they don’t have to ask them.  

7.        Confirm by following up.

Sales do not end when the client says yes; it actually starts another sales process. That process is all about meeting the expectations that you have set in your clients minds and then doing everything you can to prove to them that they can buy from you over and over again!

Ask, Ask, Ask and then Ask again!

 Everyone in business expects a sale to happen and many decision makers are disappointed when the sale is not asked for. As a result, because they don’t see you as hungry enough for their business they will give it to someone else. To often sales are not lost for a lack of rapport or the product/service not being appropriate, neither is it lost on pricing… its lost because you didn't ask for it.

 Take the lottery out of selling and close your sale today!

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