Let It Flow...

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Back in 2005, I went to Anthony Robbins - Unleash the Power Within. It’s a long weekend full of lots of reflection, hurrahing, walking on hot coals, challenging yourself to be more, looking into your future and determining the new narrative that you want for your life. I came away pumped... as time goes on what you did that weekend fades, but some things stay with you.

There is one thing in particular that Anthony did/said that has stayed with me over the years.  

He pulled a lady up on stage who wanted to find boyfriend, she was dressed in a boyish hair cut with a t-shirt that actually said she was looking for a man written on the back. The long and the short of it was that he highlighted that women make poor versions of men and men make poor versions of women.

This wasn’t to do with transgender or binary gender or how we identify. It was to do with us saying that we are one thing but trying to be like another.

I can identify his premise as I see it often in corporate companies and other places where women try hard to be like an alpha male... and often it’s ugly. They pick on other women, shout down the men and seem to completely isolate themselves. What we are seeing is a poor version of a man.

What Anthony highlighted that truly struck me was that as women our strength comes from our flow. We don’t need to try and imitate a man’s power to be powerful ours is more than adequate.

To demonstrate it he asked that same lady to stand there on stage a make a fist and hold her arm out. He told her “No matter what happens you keep that your arm straight and hold that fist”

So, she held her arm out and he did everything he could it to see if it would bend.

It instantly bent, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t keep her arm straight.

So, he switched things up.

This time he asked her to hold her arm out again but to open her palm and wiggle her fingers and again not let him bend her arm.

Well, Tony tried and tried to bend that arm and he couldn’t.

The demonstration was clear, as women our strength in our ability to flow. When flow and stand in our feminine energy nothing and no one can stop us.

Now whether you agree with Anthony’s method or not, the message I’d like you to take from this is this:

We don’t need to try and be like men... we just need to be ourselves.

Can there be challenges with this? Yes of course. Yet, when we are ourselves we have a greater sense of confidence and a greater impact on others.

Femininity doesn’t have to equal fluffy, but it can equal warmth, in-touch with our emotions and feelings, able to own our no, ready to listen and ready to speak our truths, able to use our intuition recognising it’s many benefits to help us and spare us. I can mean stepping into our intelligence and using it create solutions and opportunities for all.

We never have to pretend to be something we are not, when who we are and what we have has so much value. That’s why when women sit on boards the ethical standards of companies rise, why there is less fraud and better conflict resolution.

It’s the strength in our flow that brings a positive impact, so step into it and stand strong in it... it’s your super power.

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