Life After Working For Someone Else


You'veMan in robe working from home given up your 9:00 – 17:00 gloves and now work for yourself, and life is a little strange. You’re excited and you want to really make your business work, but sometimes you feel a little lost. Life after working for someone else is an odd experience as so many things that you were used to, have now gone.



Things like:

 You are no longer accountable to anyone else  No is telling you what you should do, giving you orders  You don’t have a set start time  You don’t have a set end time  There is no guaranteed pay at the end of the month  Everything you earn is dependent on you  Every client you get is dependent on you  There no more co-workers  There is no Christmas Party  You don’t have to wear work clothes

This list goes on

So here are some things that can help you.Changed priorities ahead

 Work out when your best time is during the day to work is and then make sure you do.  Get dressed when you are working as it helps  Plan out your holidays at the beginning of the year so that you don’t just end up endlessly working  Get out and network so that you can meet other like-minded people and generally get out of your home office  Get up and get active and get going  Set yourself targets and then do everything that you can to hit them  Keep a journal, log your goals, your achievements and learnings  Ensure that you have systems and processes for your business especially accounting, the sales process, sales delivery and customer contact  Don’t ignore the paperwork  Continuously market and sell what you offer  Invoice your clients and then chase your invoices!  Get support whether it’s mentor, coach or mastermind group  Get support by outsourcing things you are not good at, if you can afford to  Work hard and then play hard (all work without play makes you very dull indeed)  Read to keep your brain and knowledge sharp  Remind yourself that you have value even if you are not in a traditional job

It can be really challenging working on your own when everything about your business, your income and your success depends on you. However, there is a lot of help out that is free and lots that is paid. Determine what you want, need and can afford and then go and get it.

Also, be careful about who you spend your time with and how you share your business with them, family and friends are wonderful but they can also be your biggest detractors. They don’t always understand your need to build something that is yours. They don’t understand why you don’t have a job and don’t appreciate that the work that you do is work. This is exactly why you need to get out and network.

Lastly, enjoy your new freedom and make it work for you.