Living in your flow


In my career, I’ve spent a lot of time going around in circles. Some of it truly because I really didn’t know how to package what I do. I’ve used a number of vehicles to try and describe it in a way that others could identify it and purchase it. I’ve questioned myself, stopped and started and really been all over the place trying to find my flow so that I could truly positively impact those that I worked with.

Over the years I’ve given away what one of my best friends calls “my gold” in order to find some meaning to what I do and to gain validation. Also in the hope that somebody, anybody could define it for me.  I am sure that some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I have skills and knowledge in a number of areas and I have a background in sales and whilst I know my stuff it really isn’t where I find my joy. It’s just common sense to me. I realise that I say this not always appreciating the experience and background that I have and how it has shaped me.

So here I am about to make my declaration –

“I love light bulb moments” and that is why I am an executive coach and consultant.  I love seeing people see themselves and truly appreciate what they are capable of. I love it when the blockers are removed and clients are truly open to embracing their leadership greatness. I love strategizing in order help my client make sense of their circumstance so that they can positively affect their department so they work better together and deliver great customer service for their customers.

I truly love what I do. I never felt more in flow than when a leader who is unable to go to anyone else in their organisation sits with me and is able to challenge their preconceptions, negative beliefs and face their challenges and truly see their awesomeness whilst developing a strategy to make their life and their department work for them.

That for me is flow…

What’s flow for you?