Living in Your Own Honesty

Truth title on old grunge torn paper Life is a journey… it’s a phrase we hear often but it’s a true one. Many of us are trying to reach a destination that we don’t actually realise is unobtainable. That all elusive success that will leave us feeling like we are complete and whole, that leaves us feeling like we have finally arrived. Ask the greats… no one has arrived.

The journey is that we are on is about living today here and now in our own honesty. To accept where we are and who we are and to work on becoming our best. In order to do this, there are some things that we will have to do to achieve it. I say this because this is the journey that I have found myself on. All of the bravado has gone as well as they “Fake it till you make it” stance.

I am left with me and discovering who I really am thrown living in my own honesty.  Here’s how you can too:

  • Tell yourself the truth, not the truth that you would like people to believe about you but the completely honest truth of who you are, where you call yourself out on your own BS.
  • Accept that you don’t have all of the answers, you never will and you never should. Life is about discovery, the older you get you realise the less you know, that should be a relief. It means that you don’t have to try to know everything, which by the way, is completely exhausting.
  • Face your fears. Yep this one is scary, when you are honest with yourself you can name what you are scared of and then you can deal with it and depositphotos_51474539_s-2015stare it down.
  • Let go. The end! Let go of everything that you have been holding onto that you know is holding you back. Let go of the people, things, thoughts, and feelings that hinder your progress and hinder your relationship with yourself.
  • Say what you need to say. Too often we leave things unsaid, that would be alright if we also let go of them but in truth, they rattle around in our heads and our hearts and take over. Say it or let it go.
  • Bravado is for fools. Bravery and bravado are not the same. One takes courage and the other is just twattish. So just ditch it, it’s better to just be honest and say you can’t or say you’ll try.
  • Remember popularity is overrated. We have been conditioned, in our ever increasingly technological world, that we should be using our social media to increase our popularity and in turn our fortunes. This popularity feeds a need to be constantly present, available, witty, inspirational, deep and meaningful and on top of every possible thing known to man. Exhausted? I am! It’s much more important to find yourself and then find the appropriate audience for you and what you offer. Less can most definitely, be much more. You don’t have to keep up with anyone apart from yourself.
  • It’s not always about you. No, it’s not. People are more often than not doing what they do because of their own issues and challenges. So stop a moment and think about the situation from their point of view and not your own emotional issues.

Speak your truth to yourself first, because your honesty will help you navigate the journey and find your way to your happiness on your terms.