Me For Me


2016-02-25 10.49.18Last week, I left England for Marrakesh, it was a mission of mercy. Mercy on myself and family. I’ve been sick on and off for months and my stress levels and health were challenged. I had had enough as I was struggling to get myself together. I think it was something that Lisa Nicholls in her new book Abundance Now that did it. I told my husband that I needed a break and that I was going away to care for myself. He’s a great guy and said OK straight away. That was the Sunday, by the Monday I’d booked myself to spend 5 nights in Marrakesh at a hotel we’d had a family holiday at 18 months ago. Two weeks later I was sitting by the pool in Marrakesh!

We are not encouraged to talk about self-love or self-care because it’s seen as a little namby, pamby. It’s not seen as strong and powerful or even cool. Unfortunately, often the reason why we don’t feel strong and powerful or even cool is because we haven’t exercised self-love or self-care.

My time away recharged my batteries, gave me time to regroup and recoup. It gave me time to think, to spend time with myself and learn more about who I am.  This time was invaluable, I’ve returned healthier, happier and ready to move myself forward. Everything isn’t perfect but it is so much more manageable.

2016-02-23 13.24.19 - CopyI’ve been able to experience a reality check with myself, write a list of my personal learnings and explore my wants. I spent time reading, doing my puzzler, colouring and just being. This was not about business, this was completely about me, for me.

If you want to feel strong and powerful or even cool, then take some time out to get to know yourself and exercise self-love and self-care. You don’t have to go abroad like I did, it could be a couple of hours at a hotel lounge you love, a night or two away or even an hour having a massage. This is a no business, no work zone where you just spend time with yourself.

When all is said and done, you are your best asset, so it makes sense to love and care for yourself. You for you just like me for me.

Let me know in the comments below about your get “Me for Me” getaways.