More customers More Money

I sat down with my husband this morning to have one of our regular business meetings this morning and as ever we talked 84 (1)increasing revenues and looked at what we can do to get more customers. So here are few things that I have suggested that we do, it's also what we suggest that you do with your customers and entice potential clients.

  • Set yourself some targets: clients, potentials clients, sales, revenue. If you don't know what you are aiming for you can't achieve it.
  • Walk your existing clients corridors - if you have worked with one department and they were happy with your service then ask them to refer you to other departments. You can also start contacting other departments using your good experience with the department that you have already worked with.
  • Create a client hit list of potential clients that you really want to work with and then find the key person in that company (so easy to do these days with the internet) and then contact them. Pursue who you want to work with.
  • Offer your existing customers more, you don't have to be a one hit wonder. Look for opportunities for repeat business or business in areas they did not know that you covered.
  • Network online and offline where your clients hang out.
  • Write articles for periodicals related your to clients industry and for your own industry
  • Create infomercials, short videos that provide information to your potential clients and leaves them gagging for more
  • Offer free teleseminars for 30mins to an hour and push your potential clients to an special offer or webpage on your site

MoneyThese are just some of the things that you can do. Some of these actions will start attracting clients to you. You can't get more clients sitting twiddling your thumbs, you have to go for it and take massive action. One activity is not enough... you need a range of activities to help you  get there.

Here is a great resource by  Intouch Lead Generation which shows you so many ways that you can raise your profile and attract more customers lead_generation_modality_map

Let me know how you get on and how much more revenue you are able to get into your business.

Enjoy the journey and the improved business that you experience.