Positivity - How to ward off negativity and get your positivity on.


It’s a word that is overused but it is crucial to a happy life. I am a firm believer that you all of our varying feelings have value and that you shouldn’t run away from them or try to overwrite them with positivity but…

When you plunge into your negative thoughts and frustrations you tend to find that they multiply. We all have challenges regardless of where we live in the world. It doesn’t matter if we have little or much, life, in itself, is complex. With that complexity comes relationships, health problems, career problems, money worries and so much more. So, when all of this is surrounding us and we feel overwhelmed with negative vibes what do we do?

I am a firm believer that thoughts become things and so we must guard our thoughts religiously. It’s difficult to do when you are in the midst of challenges or when you have allowed your negative thoughts to take root and overrun your mind.

Here are some ways to change the modus operandi when this happens.

  • Play some music that makes you feel great. We all have at least one song that touches us and raises our mood. Music is a powerful way to change your state of mind. Use it.
  • Go for a walk outside– not always possible I know – fresh air/oxygen helps to regenerate us. When you go for a walk you engage your whole body, you are able to clear your mind and process things better. Somehow, we find solutions when we step outside for a while and walk away our troubles.
  • With modern technology, we have access to a wide range of podcasts, videos, articles that contain gems of positivity that can help change our thinking. I tend to listen to Lewis Howes – The School of Greatness and definitely his "5 Minute Friday" to lift my spirits.
  • Count your blessings – we have so much more than we think that we do. So spend a moment consider all of the wonderful people, things, and circumstances in your life.
  • Check out the Paralympics on video. No matter how terrible your circumstance when you see people who are going above and beyond to achieve more regardless, in spite of and because of their disabilities it’s not only sobering but instantly empowering. You recognise that if they can achieve what they are achieving regardless of their challenges then so can, the hell, can you.
  • Turn off the Television – the doom and gloom in the news, on soap operas and other such problems, help to keep you in a perpetual state of negative thinking. It also helps to keep you watching other people live their dreams whilst you’re stuck in what you consider to be a nightmare.
  • Take action – do something that you always wanted to do, do that thing that you’ve been putting off, clear up or clear out the mess that you know needs attention. Make that call, rewrite that CV. Take action because it empowers you to take more action and see the possibilities.
  • Get rid of positivity vampires – this one is challenging but necessary. Those people in your life who suck all the positivity out of the room, only ever complain, only rain on your parade and never cheer your successes are draining the life out of you. Get rid, reduce your time with them and
  • Start journaling – whether it’s writing down your gratitude and blessings, getting negative thoughts out of your head, listing your mantras or just having a place to put your thoughts and feelings, journaling is a great way to build positivity. The Daily Greatness Journal is one I recommend.

We are not defined by our problems unless we allow our problems to define us. This list of things to do is by no means exhaustive but these things can help you find that positive outlook that will help you achieve more.

Remember you control your thoughts no one else, you choose what to focus on so focus on the good things and focus on what you want and how you will get there.

I read this in a novel I was reading this week

"There is no going back in life. No return. No second chance. When you waste your days, they are wasted forever.

So be honest about the things you really want, and do them, no matter how fearful you might be."

(from "The House at the End of Hope Street" by Menna van Praag)

Let me know in the comments below how this blog has helped you and what you’ve done to increase the positivity in your life.