Procrastination is a bitch

I do it and you know that you do it too… What is it I hear you say? Procrastination… you know that thing you do when you have something to do and you prevent yourself from doing it. Procrastination is the bane of the working man (or woman) it is that thing that prevents us from doing and being all that we can be procrastination2because we just keep putting of today to do tomorrow… That’s all right isn't it? Yes apart from the fact that tomorrow is always in the future and never arrives.

I've experienced this recently with a close friend of mine who has promoted a programme that they have wanted to do for some time. The great news is that they have been able to secure a number clients for a two year long programme that offers then a decent income. It’s the deal that they have been waiting for which ensures longevity in the client relationship and longevity in revenue into their business.

That’s great I hear you say…. Yes it is… I agree with you, however, (yes, you may groan at this moment.) They have had several months to get everything in place so that the start date (this month) happens smoothly. Unfortunately procrastination decided to bed in and so the contracts and payment schedule have not been created, neither, have the dates been finalised and worse still the programme is half written. Whilst the framework is in place the detail (that stuff that you actually deliver) is missing. Frustrating is an understatement as the opportunity to take the programme and really grow it is phenomenal.

Procrastination is a bitch. You see she will tell you that you have time, what is the rush? She will tell you that you can wing it and that, hey, you know enough to get through; there is no need to go into all that detail. She will tell you that another month’s delay is OK after all one of the clients only has just come back to you with some more information. She will tell you that the client doesn't really matter and they should be grateful to work with you. In fact what the hell are you killing yourself for? There is always tomorrow and lets’ be honest there are other things that require your attention right now.

MonkeyProcrastination is a bitch because she will ensure that you don’t get done what needs to be done and you will lose out in the long run. People get tired after a while of you winging it; they get tired of loose deadlines and incomplete information. You even get tired of yourself promising and then under delivering. She seeps into all aspects of your life, into your relationships, your finances, your household and she silently does immense damage just like Dry Rot which causes would to decay under your carpets and behind your walls. It has a façade of everything being fine when in fact behind the scenes the Dry Rot has taken hold and is destroying your property causes thousands of pounds of damage.

It’s time to shake procrastination off so that you can have a firm foundation in every aspect of your life. Here are some ways how you can do this;

MMBullet_Green smallerCreate a plan as to what needs doing and by when

MMBullet_Green smaller    Set realistic expectations stop over promising

MMBullet_Green smaller    Reduce the amount of tasks that you set yourself in a day, overwhelm is a close friend of procrastination

MMBullet_Green smaller    Monitor your task, set a list and tick off what you have done at the end of the day

MMBullet_Green smaller  Allocate time for work and time for plan, then you won’t begrudge your working time

MMBullet_Green smaller  Do you work in chunks, focus on one piece at a time and complete it. By completing your tasks you get a sense of achievement and success

MMBullet_Green smaller   Say “No” you don’t have to take on every task or client and you don’t have to say yes to everything that you are asked to do… learn to say No

MMBullet_Green smaller    Focus, remove all distractions (mobile, social media, telephone, TV)

Put procrastination in her rightful place… outside of your life! You will feel more successful and create more success as you do what you said you would and make your life work for you.



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