Success Is Found In The Mundane

We are bombarded with stories about success. Millionaires who have made the holy grail, entrepreneurs journeys to success. Fake it till you make it. Just go for it and tomorrow you’ll be a successful business person with money flowing from your pockets.Just set up a business today and you will be successful tomorrow.


I saw a post recently where someone was saying that we need to tell the full story about the success we see from people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and others like him. We omit that fact that he attended an Ivy League college or that his parents gave him a substantial amount of money ($300,000) to start his business and that he comes from well-off family and privilege. The comment was not to take away from his achievements but to encourage us to tell the whole story about people's success in business.

The old adage says that "overnight success is 10 years in the making" is true. Often, we only see the results of the hard work, frustrations, struggles, and perseverance all packaged up nicely in to today's success. What we don’t see or often ignore is what it took to get to this success.

In my years of running my own business, there are three words that I know make a massive difference to success - discipline, determination, and consistency. Of course, words like luck, marketing, promotion, sales etc are all so very important but the people who make it are those who are disciplined, determined and consistent in their efforts. No fly by nights here.


What many don’t realise that these successful people are disciplined, determined and consistent in are the mundane things in business. It’s the mundane that gets you to success. Simple things like systems and processes, creating them and then executing them day in and day out. They are boring - most people don’t necessarily want to do these things but they realise that these are the things that make the exciting things that they do possible.

I’ve run my husband speaking business for years and whilst he may be a star on stage it's the mundane things that get us paid. The follow-up contact after a query has been received, the emails, contracts, booking forms, booking process, invoicing, filing et al. The glory of standing on stage is preceded and proceeded by a series of mundane actions. These are the actions that make a difference, they add to our professionalism ad they protect us and our income.

Unless you are an accountant or bookkeeper I can almost guarantee you that the thought of doing your accounting is frustrating, yet its the thing that keeps up out of trouble with HMRC, helps us know just how much we are making and ensures that we actually bring money into the business. It’s mundane but it matters.

Consistent marketing and sales, which for some people is the bane of their lives, is what brings clients in. This is not a one time event it requires, disciple, determination and consistency in order for a steady stream of clients to be pouring in. It can be frustrating, time-consuming and not necessarily where you want to put your effort and energy, yet it’s essential to ensuring that you have clients and, by default, a business in the first place.

Can you see? It’s the mundane tasks that get you the success you want. It’s by ensuring that they are completed regularly that makes the delivery of your service or product so much sweeter. These mundane things take away fear and frustrations that come if these things are ignored, leaving you and your business exposed.

So, next time you think you are seeing an overnight success remember that there were many mundane activities completed in order to get that person to where they are now. Remind yourself to get on with the mundane things that you need to do for your business so that you can be the next overnight success.

Enjoy your journey.