Take a Break - Downtime is necessary for your success and well being

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I’m fresh back from holidaying in Morocco and I am certainly relaxed. There was a point where in the holiday where I completely let go. I dropped my shoulders, got a massage and then allowed myself to sleep at leisure by the pool or in my room.  I’ve been so chilled, so much so that I had to take my first week back as further holiday to support myself and give myself the time to get back into the groove of things.

Holidays for me have become a necessity, not a luxury and, in all honesty, they are worth every penny. The time taken to chill and relax allows for time for your brain to rest and for it to process information in your subconscious mind without you having to do any of the distressing work. They provide an opportunity to truly spend time with your family (if you’re travelling with them), eat a meal without rushing, allow yourself to be taken care of by others and just be in a different environment with different people and a different way of living.

Our lives are often rushed. This rushing is perpetuated by social media, TV and radio media, friends, family, clients and work colleagues. We rush our meals, meetings, getting to work, getting work done, getting the shopping in, getting the cleaning done, a shower, a call with a friend or family member. And, we encouraged to do so whether overtly or covertly with the implication that if we don’t we are wasting time.

Even some of our biggest holidays can turn into a rush as we prepare at Easter or Christmas for get together’s with friends and family, search for presents and organise events. THIS is why down time is so important. It’s time to stop rushing, get off the treadmill and just be.

If you haven’t taken a holiday this year and can’t see how you will fit one in here are a couple of things that you can do.

      1.          Take a Friday off and find a place that you love get a drink or eat a meal and do nothing. Switch the phone off, don’t access email or social media and just take a moment.

      2.          Switch off for the weekend, visit another town or a part of town you never get to go to and either do nothing or do something that you love that doesn’t take brain space

      3.          Go to a Spa, whether an overnight stay, a day or half a day – have some truly relaxing down time

      4.          Switch off your computer and phone and go sit in your favourite chair, with your favourite drink and just enjoy the stillness. No guilt, no drama.

Even if you can’t get to do this before then end of the year, go through your diary NOW and book time for a holiday, break or getaway for next year. Map out time now before it gets sucked up in doing. I plan my holidays in advance and then ringfence them. It would have to be something completely irresistibly life changing for me to move my holiday.

You are your most important asset, and no one can survive without down time, so go ahead…take a break.