Taking time out

This morning I'm embarking on a journey that is completely and utterly all about me. I am truly taking time out. I'm on a journey of discover, well we all are. imageIt's the journey of discovering who we are, what we need to do to positively impact this world and how to be our best selves. It involves a lot of learning, however, we often don't create the space the space necessary to truly explore all that we are and can be.

Enter a trip abroad! Yep I've taken the plunge and done something that I've never done before. A week away on my own, no kids, no husband, no business. Just me my journal, kindle, mandala colouring book and my puzzler.

This for me is completely my time, time to consider what I want for me, who I am and how I want to be. Time to just be.

Taking time out is important.. It doesn't have to be a week away, it could be a day out or a couple of days or even a morning. Crafting time out to recoup, regroup and rethink is crucial. We live stressful lives that are constantly on the go, time out creates space to chill out.

This week is all about me for me. Go take time out and make time for you. You will feel better for it. Create some clarity, confidence and empowerment for yourself by taking time out.