Today’s Consistency is Tomorrow's Success

This one keeps coming back!

It’s consistent!

The message is clear, and it’s hit me straight between the eyes in the last week or so.

This word consistency is so underrated. We have people out there shouting about all of the things that you need to do to be successful but this one word, this one thing is the magic pill.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years, it’s annoying and whilst I know that there are emotional and physical things which impact my weight, the truth of the matter is that I have not been as consistent as I needed to be. I’ve not been consistent in attending the gym or going to dance class…  I’ve done it for a while and then stopped. All of my hard work is lost, I’ve gained weight, lost muscle mass, fitness and strength.

What if I just continued to attend, to choose to better for myself?

It’s the same with business, you prospect for clients, get the work you wanted and then you stop to deliver for them.  Your business development goes down the toilet. Then, after delivering your various services for those clients you look around and find that because you were not consistently working on business development you have to start all over again looking for and courting new clients.

What if you just engaged in consistent business development?

It’s the same with social media engagement – personally I feel like it’s full time job! But how can you grow or maintain your following if you don’t’ consistently engage with them? It’s impossible right?

You can take virtually anything and look at how consistency or the lack of it affects your results. Darren Hardy in his book The Compound Effect makes it crystal clear that just by being consistent you can change your life is massive ways. Just a slight change, executed consistently can, in time, make all the difference that you have been searching for.

Too often we are focused on massive action that for many is unsustainable.

When you consider babies who want to gain their independence and walk… they just keep going. From a baby wanting to move their body, then moving, wanting to crawl then crawling, wanting to stand then standing, wanting to walk then walking and then from walking to running. They consistently try no matter how much they fall no matter how hard it may seem or how long it takes. They just keep doing.

Babies move towards their goal of independent movement daily and consistently. They are never concerned about perfection only about consistently moving forward.

Just by choosing to go to the gym daily and do something even if it’s just 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill, is better than a 1.5-hour workout every once in a while. By choosing to contact 5 clients every week is better than doing a blitz of 100 every blue moon. By sending out just one message every other day it better than 10 today and none for weeks (that’s been me!)

A year of being consistent can make all of the difference in life. It impacts the level of success that you have in whatever you are trying to achieve, it also changes you, creating lifelong habits.

Consistency matters.

So, the one thing that I am focused for the next year to 18 months is being consistent.

I recognise that the more consistent I am the more I can achieve.

Because today’s consistency is tomorrow’s success.