What my daughter told me she's learned!

I have to say that I have great kids, their not quite kids anymore though and they are definitely striking out in this world hungry to make an impact. We’ve tried our best to bring our kids up with balance. It’s difficult as you do want to jump in and save them but you can’t as they have to learn how to do on things on their own. A little while ago my daughter my daughter spoke about the things she’s learned from me and her father.

Here they are:

  1. Don't be a sheep, it's very easy to follow the crowd in this day and age. Be a shepherd.

  2. Be confident in who you are because you are yourself and noone is like you.

  3. Don't hug people with Zombie arms or your armpits.

  4. You can't expect to achieve your goals if you don't do the work.

  5. You can't expect things to fall in your lap just because you have talent, talent is not enough.

  6. Put the work in as there is nothing like the feeling when you get good results.

  7. Friends come and friends go, blessed be the friends.

  8. You can always make something out of what you’ve got.

  9. Lower your expectations, not everyone operates like you.

  10. Some people just cannot be understood, you can’t try and understand them or get them to understand you.

  11. Find the laughter in life.

Some of these make me chuckle, they all make me think. Firstly, if she’s got this level of understanding from us at the age of 17 then we’ve done a good job. Secondly, I must remind myself of these things we’ve taught her and continue to apply them to my life. There are times when I have my downs and up pop my children who use these same things that I’ve taught them to remind me of who I am and how life is.

Daily we navigate this world and it’s intricacies, joys and disappointments. If we can just remember some of these learnings we can make our lives more enjoyable, less stressful and have a greater sense of achievement.

Enjoy the journey.