What's in your hands?


In the rat race of life we are often pushed to squeeze ourselves into the box that someone else created for us. Whether its the type of work that you do, the title that you have or the what you have been made to believe you are capable of (or not) we often operate on someone else's terms. Because of this, we can feel really lost, questioning who we are and what we do or what we should do. We're not really sure where to tree in handsstart. When you feel confused and are not sure what to do with your talents and your life, my motto is "Do what is in your hands?" What does that mean? There are things that come naturally to you, things that you feel comfortable with and that you can do without even thinking too hard. The stuff that you always find yourself talking to people about or they come to you about. It the kind of thing that pours out of you without much prompting. Whatever that looks like; confidence building, business advice, speaking, making people laugh, working with materials, challenging people to be or do better, working with animals, working outdoors, the list is endless. You can create a career or business in any of these sorts of skills or a combination if you focus on what you already have.

So today if you are struggling to do what you really want, start with what is already in your hands. You will find that just by starting there your career or business will develop. You will discover more of what you love and like to do and become unstuck.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.