When The Universe Says No


Last week, in some respects was a washout and in others was fabulous. That’s the complexity of living this life, isn’t it? 

Last Monday started with plans to have a goal revision and goal setting session and general tête-à-tête  with one of my closest friends, that was completely thwarted. 

The Universe had other plans for me. It said NO...well, more like shouted. 

By 10:00am I was sent back to bed unable to rise before noon.

This outburst by the Universe resulted in me getting a lot of rest, a much needed lesson in taking time out to allow my being to process, renewed focus on my mantras and getting my nails done, did! 

This mode lingered on to Tuesday and was really quite humbling. I’m a busy person and I’ve lots to do, both when it comes to my business and my home life. I’m a natural doer.

My niece and nephew always tell me that I am doing a lot (even when just walking around the house), my daughters often tell me to sit down, my husband is always telling me that I need to rest. 

Even my surrogate son over for the summer from California had to weigh in on me today about my ‘doing’.

This week everything has been shouting at me 

Trust that the universe is working it out for your good. Slow down!

You see, I’ve been listening to Catherine Ponders book - “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperous Thinking” for a couple of months and have struggled to take the time out needed to really put the learning into regular practice. 

Last week, the universe put a holt to my busyness and told me to get my house in order.

So, I’ve slowed it down, taken time out, stopped and let it be. It’s been interesting. It allowed me to see my busyness and to appreciate that it’s not always helpful or effective. 

It was a successful week. 

I won new business, gained clarity, opened doors and yet still I didn’t work that much of it. 

Sometimes our busyness is getting in the way of the Universe’s attempt to provide us with what we have been asking for. 

Sometimes we are just in the way of our own success doing way too much on the surface but not giving some of the most meaningful tasks the time that they need. 

Sometimes, our playing busy is tricking us to believing we are effective.

Sometimes, we need to stop, take stock and trust that it’s all working out for our good. 

This weekend make sure you take time out to breathe, enjoy the sunshine and trust that the right out come is on it’s way at the right time. Review the busyness are you effective or just doing a lot?

Take a moment and just be, before…

tired no.gif

The Universe Says

Madeline McQueen