You do you and I will do me

Young black woman smiling and using laptopI had a chat today with one of my friends who runs their own successful business and is pregnant. She told me stories of the about of other women in business who were willing telling her just how difficult her life would be once she had her baby, how she should slow down. Asking her questions about how she would continue to run her business once she had her baby because for them the couldn’t see how it was possible. Seriously, people are so happy to rain on your parade, they love telling you what a nightmare your life will be and how you won’t be able to cope. I’ve seen the extended family members roll their eyes when I have spoken about running my own business. It's interesting how many times I’ve been told by family and even fellow entrepreneurs that I should just go and get a job. They have no understanding of my vision or the flexibility that comes with working for yourself. I didn’t have to ask any one’s permission to go to my own mother’s funeral or attend any of my children’s event’s. I don’t owe anyone an explanation and neither do you.

For those who can’t help but rain on someone else’s parade here is my advice to you.

“You do you”

If we were busy achieving our own goals and dreams and focused completely on getting where we want to go we wouldn’t have time to be commenting on what, how, when and where someone else should be spending their time effort and energy. Leave them to get on with their lives in the way that they see works for them.

Do you! Stop doing me. Or anyone else for that matter.

So let me say it one more time “You do you, and I’ll do me.”