You Get What You Focus On

CFocusIn my life I have been through a wide range of ups and downs. I remember a particular time when I was on a massive down. Everything was going wrong, we were struggling financially and it seemed that every day there was another financial problem that landed on our doorstep. We christened our house “The House of Broken Things” because one thing after another, almost, all of our electrical appliances broke down in some form or other. Our care would have a problem almost every other month and was bleeding us dry. Even our book cases were wearily leaning under the strain of brokenness.

It was such a stressful time, so much so that after one particular letter from the bank I turned to my husband and declared “We’re cursed!” and it truly felt like we were.

We spent a lot of time focusing on our problems and because the problems seemed so all encompassing it was like we couldn’t see anything else. So more problems arose as we continued to focus on the problems that we had and the new ones that we gathered.  Something had to change.

Change came when we changed our focus. When we decided to focus only on solutions regardless of the problems and take action, we very quickly turned things around. Within two weeks of dedicated focus and action we created £10,000 of revenue, which was lots for us back then, when we had been barely surviving. We agreed goals and focused on them. The brokenness stopped and life got better.

When you focus on solutions, good outcomes and what you want even though your current circumstances belie that these good things can happen, you will get results. Stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solutions and the necessary take action.The Secret of change 2

Problems are crippling when you make them your focus, they consume your thoughts, emotions and actions. The attention that you give them makes them multiply and soon negativity seeps through your every being and you find it difficult to see the good in anything.  The good news is that when you make solutions your focus, they do exactly the same thing. Positivity will start to encompass your thoughts, emotions and actions and you will see the positive in all things.

So where do you think that your energy is best spent? Focus on a positive outcome and you will be surprised how it becomes your reality. Remember thoughts become things, you get what you focus on so focus on what you really want.