You're Too Much

Have you ever had this realisation about yourself? You’re too much for people. They can’t cope with you.

You laugh too loud.

You’re too positive.

You’re too happy.

You’re too loud.

You’re too knowledgeable.

You’re too out there.

You’re too extra.

You’re too much!

I’ve been through years of people telling me that my laugh is too loud, pipe down, or telling me that the joke wasn’t THAT funny. I have a big laugh, I always have done and it fills my soul, if I am laughing quietly it’s, normally, because I’m laughing so much that the sound has gone. I might also thrash a little when I laugh if the joke is sweet enough!  I refuse to apologise. My laugh is an integral part of who I am and brings me and others joy. I refuse to pipe down to make someone who has no idea how to embrace joy feel comfortable. Who is anyone to tell me or you what is or is not funny?

I’m too much! You know what? That is perfectly fine.

You may have experienced this same phenomenon from family, friends or acquaintances, who choose to frown when you experience joy or express clarity of thought, have a different point of view, are positive when they chose to be negative or anything else that means for them that you are “too much.” This is their issue, not yours.

Your job is to embrace who you are and be authentically you. Not everyone is on your path or even as far down the road as you are and you should not expect them to be. What’s important is that you stay in your lane and be true to yourself. Don’t expect everyone to accept you for who you are… they won’t. But there will be a tribe of people who will be completely for you. They are the people that you need to focus on. Those who love you for you, who see your greatness and want to basque in it. Those who recognise what you have to offer and love you for it, just the way you are.

Never spend your time trying to fit into someone else's expectation of who you should be. You’ll always disappoint them and yourself. If you are too much for them, then that’s their problem.

Embrace who you are and enjoy your journey.