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It's all about you

It’s all about you, yep, every coaching session with me is all about you. It’s your time. Time to explore where you are, where you want to go and how you want to get there. It’s also time to explore what is blocking your success and how to remove those blockers.

As a leader you’re in competition with your peers, expected to be infallible by your teams, whilst being highly accountable to your superiors. In your leadership position you often need someone to coach you through challenging situations, explore and define your goals, help you build your confidence or find clarity and support you to navigate your work life balance, but where do you find that person?

It can be lonely in leadership and as a result you can end up believing that you don’t have much to give, are plagued with imposter syndrome, lack confidence and/or allow yourself to feel limited. Yet when you look at the evidence, it’s not true.

It might be that you need to find your work/life balance or that your personal life is

suffering and you want to work out how to get things back on an even keel. You bring your whole self to work so it’s important not to ignore your personal life.

Sometimes, you just need to get clear and rediscover what you are capable of, enabling you to supercharge your confidence and skill-set so that you can feel empowered to go for gold. That’s where I come in. Whatever your need, when you work with me you will be challenged and championed to truly step into your leadership greatness.

Research shows that confidence often trumps competence and if you don’t step into your personal power and use your voice then you’ll get left behind. Yet, no one shows you how to master your confidence to achieve that success. I’ll work with you to show you how.

My coaching isn’t just a series of pre-set questions that leave you still wondering what to do. I coach, consult, mentor, counsel, challenge and champion you to achieve what you are capable of.

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We can work on your Clarity, Confidence, Empowerment in your:

Communication Skills

Communication skills

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking

Influencing Skills

Influencing skills

Professional Impact

Professional impact



Career Goals

Career Goals

Goals & Targets

Personal goals

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills


… and anything else that requires exploration in order for you to be awesome. You’ll have a platform to air your challenges and explore solution focused thinking.


What if there’s more to you than you think?

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Why Me?

I pride myself on empowering my clients to achieve more. So, I’ll work with you to discover the clarity you need to achieve the results you want for your professional and personal success.

Clients say that I have a knack for cutting to the chase, getting them to speak their truths, so that they can see what they are capable of and helping them find the best way to achieve their goals.

I am person centred and solution focused, whilst challenging and championing you through the coaching process with warmth and humour.

I’m a strategic thinker, so looking at how you can achieve what you want and create a plan to make it happens comes naturally to me.

I’ll create the space for you to see your personal greatness and unlock your potential. This skill has allowed me to work with clients across sectors, with powerful results, not only to positively impact themselves, but also those they work with.

I have a knack for understanding business and as I’m systems and process driven.

I firmly believe that the real work happens between sessions, so I always issue homework that will move your forward.

I have qualifications in both coaching and counselling skills and I’ve been on a wide range of courses covering Management Skills, Questioning and Listening Skills, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and more.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching which encourages continuous development. I also am a qualified Emotional Capitalist Report Consultant which a great tools that measures emotional intelligence specially designed for leaders.


So, if you are ready to be more, do more and to truly step into your magnificence, then get in touch today to work with me.

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